Converse shoes many fans love his simple, elegant, yet stylish, the pursuit of his relaxed and comfortable! Converse Converse fans only care about how much style and rich, there is a problem we are very concerned about the mix of Converse canvas shoes, and worn. Converse canvas shoes, canvas shoes can be said to be the originator of the greatest popularity, style, color the most, is the essential travel home for a single product. So today to teach you some mix of methods. Converse canvas shoes with, especially classic mix best with jeans, denim pants, denim pants, denim skirts girls can also try if the shoes are red and other bright colors can also be equipped with plain clothes and pants . Simply the best, so much easier bright shoe style, so nothing too spent. So as to make a single step brilliance, debut! Another recommended not to let that Tall exposed, such as the pants to get inside, so the overall mix will inevitably make it worse, unless you seek is personality!